Welcome, friends, to our newest adventure!
DirtVentures will be opening doors after 6 successful seasons of
snowmobiling with SledVentures. Our customers, at SledVentures, have
been inquiring about  ATV rentals in the summer.
Our same philosophy that we have at SledVentures will be applied to
DirtVentures – friendly service, all necessary gear, professional guides
and a good time is a must!
We have spent a great deal of time seeking just the right spots here in the
heart of the White Mountains to do such an activity, and we think we
have found a few of them.  All of our guides love to ride and enjoy the
opportunity to teach others about the wonderful sport of ATV riding.
While no two riders are alike, we try and keep our tours small and
adapted to the riders in the group. Our goal is to provide you with a
great ATV adventure based on your level of riding ability. DirtVentures
loves doing group tours as well as friends and families. Most of all we
enjoy sending you home HAPPY. We love ATV-ing and are looking
forward to sharing that experience with you!!!

                                 Paul, Gery, Annabella, and Adora  Fresolone
ATV Rentals of  NH LLC
514 US Rt 3 Lincoln, NH 03251
Phone: 603-238-2571 Cell: 603-348-7941
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