The Explore NH Tour:
FIVE STAR. Jericho Mountain, and "Ride the Wilds" thanks to
the hard work and dedication of many people, this will be an
amazing friends and family experience!  Rated as one of the top
places to ride in the country, the scenery is incredible.  Great
Southern and Western views including Mt. Washington and The
They even have a great place to swim, this tour will include a pass
into the park, so before during or after the ride you are welcome to
take a dip in the wonderful Jericho Mountain Lake!  There is a lot
to check out there,
Please remember - this is up to 4-Hour experience, thou time can
be added onto what we suggest. This as a great amount of time to
experience this park, but also keep in mind, we can ride the Wilds
as well.
Please note: this will be a full day event; also give yourself time to
drive your own vehicle to and from the park .
So, there is a lot to think about on this Great Adventure!!!  

We suggest making your own group for this one, Up to 7 people,
riders may switch, 16 with a regular driver’s license may drive.  We
can make a picnic trail side or drop by the Lake for a BBQ. Each
ATV will have a cooler, so don't forget to bring your own lunch
(also soft drinks, snacks, etc.), lets save the adult beverages for
after the tour! Change of clothes is recommended.
Get ready to get dirty!

Each tour will stop for photos and give you a chance to socialize.
Guides will correct any rider who is not  riding in what we determine to be
a safe manner.  
ATV riding can be dangerous, riding within yours and the equipment’s
ability is important.
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